The inspiration behind Magnolia Lake Clothing is a simple one. Like a lot of parents, we wanted to dress our children in clothes that were unique and personal, but had a difficult time finding such items.

Today, Magnolia Lake is a small, family-based company with several US copyrights, a trademark and an accessory patent but our mission still stems from that original inspiration: to provide original, vintage-inspired children’s clothing. We use only the highest quality fabrics & trim and offer limited edition dresses and accessories, available depending upon what we have in stock. We strive to use vintage materials from the 1920’s-1990’s therefore making our company a sustainable one.

We will continue to load our “hand made girls dresses” each season and coming soon is our new patented hair accessory line and custom jackets!

Magnolia Lake Clothing remains committed to offering not just quality clothing, but the original looks that parents want for their children.

We hope you enjoy dressing your children in Magnolia Lake Clothing as much as we enjoy creating the pieces.